Bray Wyatt put out a big tease this week that he inserted hidden messages in promos years ago. Soon the secret words from Wyatt’s 2015 promo will be revealed.

WWE is getting on board with this mystery as well. They sent out a post asking fans if they can solve the message. One fan tried and apparently, he got very close.

“Where do we go when we die? He’s the man that hides behind the plastic smile. Your entire life has revolved around dedication. The spirit of perpetual negation. What good is a butterfly with no wings? Makes me wanna do horrible things. Limbo is no place for a soul like yours. The devil is knocking on your door.”

This fan might not have hit all of the marks, but it was close enough for Bray Wyatt to comment and he was quite surprised by the effort this fan put into solving his puzzle.

Yowie Wowie that is beautiful!

But not the message In question

Only time will tell how WWE ends up solving this riddle. This only makes the Firefly Fun House even more interesting as fans are trying to crack Wyatt’s code while wondering if we’ll ever see Ramblin’ Rabbit again after Mercy The Buzzard ripped him to shreds.

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