Lars Sullivan Reveals When He Will Be WWE Champion & Gives Relationship Advice To Fan

Lars Sullivan made his debut on the WWE main roster on the RAW After WrestleMania, but now he is on SmackDown Live. It appears that he will continue to reek havoc on the roster however he can as Vince McMahon has seen big things in Sullivan’s future for a while.

One fan asked Lars Sullivan when he is going to become WWE Champion. Then he replied with an honest answer saying: “Within 18 months is my realistic goal.”

Truth be told, it might not take that long. Because if Vince McMahon wants to strap a rocket to Lars Sullivan then he will. The important part to take away from this is that Sullivan has his eyes on the big prize, but he is also taking into consideration that everything takes time.

Lars Sullivan was also quick to offer advice when asked. One fan asked Sullivan for tips about talking to a girl that he’s liked for a while. The Freak was quick to reply: “step up and tell her waddup” to help the fan out.

Written by Felix Upton

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