Complex Negotiations For ‘Time-Buy’ Still Being Worked Out For AEW Television Show

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All Elite Wrestling is working hard to get a television deal and there are said to be a couple on the table. It appears that a recent report about AEW paying to be on Turner Network’s airwaves might have been misinterpreted.

Tony Maglio replied to this controversy by clarifying his statement a little bit after speaking to his source again. He said that these complex negotiations are continuing, but it doesn’t mean that AEW will be buying time. It is also “highly unlikely” that the AEW brand will garner any “hefty rights fees.”

They could be working on a deal to share the advertising revenue. However, only time will tell where this kind of contract can go in a complex deal such as this.

Checked back in with an AEW/Turner negotiations source. Person still believes any hefty rights fee is “highly unlikely.” A “time-buy” could also just be worked out via adjusted ad rev split. Lots of ways to account for TV money, as we know. (Complex) negotiations continue.

AEW is said to be poised to make a very good deal wherever they land. Networks are paying a lot of money for exclusive live television and sporting events are getting top dollar. This could play into things along with the passionate AEW fanbase. Hopefully, they will be able to reach a deal soon enough and put an end to this onslaught of preliminary speculation.

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