CM Punk Takes Shot At ‘Lying Snakes & Unethical Fugazis’ Suing Him

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CM Punk has a lot to say, but he was taken to court and drug through a multi-year legal battle for speaking the truth about WWE upon his exit from the company. This is why he’s not touching a podcast.

Although there would undoubtedly be a market for The Second City Savior Speaks or whatever they want to call a CM Punk podcast, he’s not game for it at all. In fact, Punk took a shot at those who previously sued him when explaining why he’s not interested in starting his own podcast.

So more lying snakes and unethical fugazis can sue me for telling the truth? Hard pass

It might be nice to live in a world where fans get to hear an unfiltered CM Punk talking about whatever he wants to. However, we also live in a world where people also love to sue others for anything they can. Therefore, he will probably be keeping a lot of those opinions to himself for legal reasons.

This won’t stop him from popping off on Twitter when someone deserves it.

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