WWE Botches Video With Viking Experience Name Change

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Rowe and Hanson are no longer the War Raiders. They are apparently still the NXT Tag Team Champions, but they didn’t wear their titles to the ring on RAW last week. Because the Raiders debuted on the red brand as The Viking Experience.

Rowe is now Erik and Hanson is Ivar. This is easy to remember because Erick Rowan is now just Rowan and Rowe is now Erik. Does that help?

Either way, it doesn’t seem like everyone has caught on and some fans are hoping that Vince McMahon will switch things back to the way they were. WWE obviously had to scramble and change things around too. They are now The Viking Experience on the WWE site under the NXT Champions section and their Superstar pages have been changed as well.

The WWE Performance Center’s YouTube page put up a video today of Erik and Sarah Logan preparing for Viking battle. The video team was able to change the first time Erik spoke, but they neglected to change Erik’s name from Rowe the second time it appeared on screen.

This was likely an oversight and a last-minute re-edit for WWE’s social media/ video department. Because they obviously went back and fixed Rowe’s title card to say “Erik,” but they also apparently forgot that Sarah Logan was also labeled as “Wife Of Rowe.”

This is just more proof that this name change was 100% unexpected as Vince McMahon apparently switched the current NXT Tag Team Champions’ names a couple of times throughout the day before RAW.

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