Why Lars Sullivan Was Moved To SmackDown Live

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Lars Sullivan took long enough to make his WWE debut, but he had an episode before he was set to make his first impression on the RAW brand before WrestleMania. His program with John Cena was scrapped, but WWE obviously had other uses for him.

Sullivan showed up on the RAW and SmackDown Live following WrestleMania to squash beloved Superstars. He did the same this week on two separate occasions. His appearance on RAW this week during the Superstar Shake-Up led many to believe that Sullivan was on RAW because they used a RAW graphic next to his name. Then it was made official that Sullivan is actually on the blue brand the next night.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Lars Sullivan was likely moved to SmackDown Live so he and Braun Strowman could be on separate brands. Now each WWE main roster brand has their own kind of monster.

Sullivan didn’t get a long time to introduce himself to the WWE Universe before the Superstar Shake-Up as so many other NXT call-ups did. Therefore, it is very possible he was on RAW and SmackDown Live this week so he could get extra exposure before finding a permanent home on the blue brand.

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