Tye Dillinger is no longer with WWE, but his fiance Peyton Royce is and currently enjoying run as one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Royce recently appeared on Chasing Glory along with Billie Kay where she spoke very openly about Dillinger’s decision to leave WWE.

The Perfect 10 wasn’t shy at all about requesting his WWE release. He openly spoke about it to get ahead of the rumors once news broke that he requested to be let go from the company. Peyton Royce understands this decision and explained that her fiance just loves to wrestle and WWE obviously wasn’t allowing him to do that.

“He wants to wrestle. He loves wrestling, and that’s what he wants to do. And so he’s going to go make himself happy and he’s going to do that.”

“He used to ask me, ‘Babe, would you still, like, um, what do you think’ and I would always say, ‘I just want you to be happy and whatever, whatever that is, you do that, and I will support you because as long as you’re happy, I need you to be happy.’”


Tye Dillinger started accepting indie bookings as soon as he was released and Cody Rhodes said that he loves Dillinger and hopes to help him fill up his passion once more.

We might just see Tye Dillinger appear for AEW, but he will be called Shawn Spears if he does so. Hopefully, he is already happy with his decision as he enjoys making towns on his own as an indie wrestler apart from the massive WWE operation where he was seldom utilized.

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