We previously reported that some WWE Superstars were having a hard time getting up to Montreal from the United States. Flight delays and cancellations were all over the IWC as a result and it looks like WWE is having to work around this problem.

John Pollock of Post Wrestling reports that due to the travel issues WWE is having to rewrite RAW. There is no word on if this will change the ultimate plans, but it could certainly affect the presentation.

Have heard there are a number of travel issues involving WWE personnel and talent for tonight’s show in Montreal. “Things are being rewritten as a result”. No word on what effect this will have on tonight’s show.

We will have to wait and see who WWE has to write into the Shake-Up without actually having them appear on the show. Because this could indicate that a Superstar wasn’t able to make it.


There are a lot of people who need to travel with WWE and that doesn’t just include the Superstars. So hopefully, they will have enough hands on deck to make their next two shows from Montreal a success.

Harry Kettle

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