WWE Axes Title Match From RAW Replay

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RAW is a three-hour program and there is a lot that they can pack into that amount of time. However, Hulu offers a version of the show that is cut in half so they need to trim things off.

In a very interesting move, the RAW After WrestleMania lost a title match if you watched the Hulu version only. If you would like our full RAW results you can click here.

Fans at home who watched the USA Network live or those who were in the Barclays Center got to enjoy a RAW Tag Team Title match as the second segment of the show. This match was very good and saw The Major Brothers retain their newly won titles. However, you won’t be seeing that in the Hulu version. Because Ryder and Hawkins vs The Revival was cut from the shortened Hulu version.

Along with cutting backstage interviews, the Hulu version of the show also trimmed out the very short Alexa Bliss vs Bayley match.

It is interesting that they decided to take out those matches especially considering the fact that there was a title match hitting the cutting room floor. The RAW After WrestleMania included a lot of segments that you really shouldn’t miss including the Winner Take All match bait and switch, Lars Sullivan’s WWE debut, and The Undertaker’s return. All of those segments made the cut.

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