The Undertaker Signs New WWE Deal Restricting His Outside Appearances

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The Undertaker had a lot of fans in the UK waiting for him to arrive. Plenty of fans were paying top dollar to get a chance to ask The Dead Man a question, but it looks like those questions will remain unanswered for now because The Undertaker is no longer allowed to take part in that portion of the event.

Dave Meltzer discussed The Undertaker’s latest situation during Wrestling Observer Radio where he said that Taker signed a new deal with WWE which now prevents him from doing those Q&A appearances.

“Whatever it was you know Undertaker he’s got some new thing where he can’t be… you know. He’s gonna fulfill his commitments, but I don’t think he’s gonna do new ones because that’s the new deal he signed with WWE because WWE doesn’t want him doing it anymore.”

It was said that Taker created his Twitter page, got a booking agent to secure him appearances, and then WWE gave him a big new deal to come back. Everything has changed now that he is still wrestling for them as they want to keep his mystique intact.

“The tea leaves… and that’s what it sounds like it would be, but sometimes when you read the tea leaves it’s not exactly like that. Essentially all evidence looks like that.”

It was said that it might have looked The Undertaker was pulling a Brock Lesnar, but WWE went back regardless and decided that they didn’t want Undertaker doing Q&A dates so they arranged a “great contract” with a clause saying he can’t do more appearances outside of WWE.

The Undertaker fought to keep doing the dates because WWE didn’t want him doing them at all, so the compromise is that he is doing signings and photos, but no actual Q&A.

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