WWE Moves Current Superstar To Alumni Section

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WWE has a lot of Superstars on their roster, but it looks like one was recently moved to the alumni section without much fanfare at all. This a very interesting because it falls in line with something they said about leaving the company this Summer anyway.

Rhyno recently stated that he might have to make a move when his contract is up. He might have already decided on that because WWE moved him to the alumni section of their website.

Now Rhyno is in the alumni section of the WWE Superstar database along with other names from the past. You can check out a picture below to see that Rhyno falls between Raven and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Rhyno had an interesting return run with WWE and became a tag team champion alongside Heath Slater in the process. He hasn’t been used much at all since he was “fired” and returned on Christmas last year. Now it looks like he might be gone for good.

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