Tyler Breeze Is Serious About Going Back To NXT

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Tyler Breeze had arguably the best part of his WWE career in NXT. Even before they were NXT, Breeze was the FCW Heavyweight Champion which is something he never accomplished once they moved to Full Sail Arena. Now he wants to go back because he has more business to finish.

Breeze recently tweeted out a very simple message that indicated he is 100% game to make a jump back to NXT so he can challenge for Velveteen Dream’s North American Title. It would be a fantastic match no doubt, but you never know what WWE has planned for anyone right now.

I want the North American Title…

WWE Superstars aren’t even being told where they will wind up at the end of the Superstar Shake-Up. So this is a very interesting situation indeed. Breeze has made no secret that he isn’t very happy right now, but he is also making a lot of money with WWE so that probably helps a lot.

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