All Elite Wrestling seems to be gearing up for a big announcement about a future television show. We will have to wait and see what ends up happening, but the recent report is that Turner Sports is preparing to feature AEW during their upfronts next month.

The Wrap reports that a contract for AEW’s new television show is “definitely not signed,” but it is believed that their destination will be TNT. This would fall in line with previous reports that their deal will be the biggest non-WWE contract since WCW was in operation.

It is said that this deal is “pretty complex” and they are aiming at multi-platform programming as well. This could mean any number of things from digital and beyond. So there are a lot of things that need to be ironed out, but this report seems to indicate that they are planning on making an official announcement during Turner Sports’ upfront for advertisers in mid-May.

This report also includes some very interesting information that might imply that AEW will have an off-season unlike their competition.

It is possible that the AEW series would not be year-round. That would likely be a combination of the newness of the league and its desire to be more wrestler-friendly than rival WWE, which has a punishing schedule for talent.

If AEW initiates an off-season it could be a very big deal for pro wrestling. They would indeed be changing things in a big way if they didn’t work their talent all year round.

Only time will tell what AEW will end up doing, but if they are to be taken as more of a serious sports program like it has been reported where wins and losses will matter more than ever we very well might see them give their stars some time off.

Introducing an off-season could very well be a big step in the right direction as well as a huge selling point for any wrestler currently working 52 weeks a year.

Harry Kettle

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