Corey Graves doesn’t keep his opinion to himself very often. This is one of the reasons why he is so effective at doing his job on commentary. However, the World Champion Of Love recently had to take off his heel hat and pay tribute to some people who really make everything possible in WWE.

Graves sent out a heartfelt tweet to the unsung heroes in WWE. Those people who work behind the scenes seldom get the true credit they deserve, but Corey Graves has not forgotten about all of their hard work.

They don’t hear it nearly enough, but to everyone BEHIND the scenes at @wwe, from the caterers to the cameramen, PR team to travel, and all of the unsung heroes, “thank you” for making this insane week of #WrestleMania possible.

The Ultimate Warrior actually proposed an award be given to backstage employees in WWE. This Warrior Award idea was changed slightly, but at least it went to an actual WWE employee this year. If you ask Corey Graves they should keep giving this honor to backstage workers because there are more than enough who are deserving of recognition.

Harry Kettle

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