Elias Says He Gets Yelled At All The Time For His Segments Going Too Long

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Elias often takes up more time than WWE originally plans on television, but it is not his fault that he gets that crowd going. That is his job and he does it well. He made the crowd boo for seven minutes straight while in Seattle and defaming the old Supersonics NBA team and that isn’t his only instance of taking up too much time.

While speaking to Not Sam Wrestling, Elias revealed that he gets yelled at frequently for going on too long. However, that won’t stop him from performing to the best of his ability.

“I get yelled at all the time over how much time I take up on television, but in the end they know it is good television. So it’s like that balance right there.”

Elias is a multi-talented Superstar who not only wrestles and plays guitar, but he also acts as an insult comic. Fans who love him are soon booing Elias after he degrades their city and that is WWE’s plan. However, sometimes they can’t anticipate exactly how effective those insults will be.

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