Becky Lynch showed up on the Raw After WrestleMania to show off her two titles and the Barclays crowd couldn’t wait to see them. Lynch had a great time playing to the crowd and she had an inspirational message. Then fans got another Raw After WrestleMania surprise.

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As Becky Lynch ended her promo and left to the Brooklyn crowd singing her theme song, Lacey Evans emerged from the back. Evans didn’t just come out to wave this time. Because she walked right up to The Man and punched Lynch in the face.

Lacey Evans started to walk off, but Becky Lynch chased her down and they brawled all over the ramp. Lacey got a few good shots in, but The Man ended up getting the upper hand as Evan skirted away.

While Becky Lynch’s music played, Lacey Evans stood by looking rather unimpressed. It looks like Becky Lynch has a new challenger and it’s Lacey Evans. This means The Man vs The Lady Of WWE could be happening as Evans’ first feud on the main roster.

Harry Kettle

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