Dean Ambrose Spotted At Indie Wrestling Event

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Dean Ambrose is said to be leaving WWE after his contract is up later this month. He could have a lot of options about where he wants to go, and last night he attended the Bloodsport event, but he wasn’t alone.

William Regal was seen sitting next to Dean Ambrose as the two got a really good look at the action going on below. They were tucked in the balcony, but it is still hard to hide people like Ambrose and Regal.

It is said that AEW will have interest in Dean Ambrose’s services if he does leave WWE. It certainly seems like this is a real situation as Dean Ambrose is not currently booked for a WrestleMania match.

Some fans at the Bloodsport event said that the two were paying close attention to Timothy Thatcher during his match. We will have to wait and see why The Lunatic Fringe was there because he might have been scouting a new company while Regal is looking at talent.

Thanks to @WrestleChatNet for the photo

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