Seth Rollins and his Curb Stomp have a long history with each other. He won the NXT Title with that move and became the first-ever champion. He won the WWE Title with that move too. That didn’t stop Vince McMahon from getting really touchy about it because it is so imitable.

Rollins had to use The Pedigree for a while because he was in The Authority and it worked. Then out of the blue, The Curb Stomp was back as “The Stomp.”

The Architect spoke to The Wrap about how he was able to finally get this move back. It turns out that it took quite a bit of convincing.

“It was a conversation that I had to have with [Vince McMahon]. It was something where he had his reasons for why he wanted to get rid of it at the time.”

“That was a fine and dandy, but I was having trouble getting a finisher that I was happy with and he was happy with. The Pedigree worked for a little bit, and the Ripcord Knee worked OK. But at the end of the day, the Stomp was what I was synonymous with, it’s what I won the title with, it was part of who I was.”

“When it came down to it, I just went and asked him a few years later. I said, ‘Hey look, I want to do this. Give me reasons not to and I will tell you why you’re wrong and hopefully, we can meet in the middle,’” Rollins recalled. “He was on my side, I caught him on a good day. Luckily it’s back and hopefully, it’s not going anywhere.”

Now Seth Rollins is in a great position to possibly win yet another title with The Stomp at WrestleMania. This time he is facing Brock Lesnar, but it’s okay for Beast Slayer because The Stomp is the kind of finisher that you can perform on anybody.

Harry Kettle

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