Former WWE Superstar Calls Wellness Policy A Witch Hunt — Paying For Rehab Is A PR Stunt

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WWE got a lot of attention on Sunday night one week ahead of WrestleMania. It did not happen the way they would have liked though. Vince McMahon is a very rich man and his employees are not really considered employees. WWE is a publicly traded company and their executives make a ton of money.

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight shined a big light on WWE’s practices of not paying for health insurance, 401ks, or anything else that an employee is supposed to get. They don’t have to do it legally, but the company has greatly evolved out of the traditional carnival days, right?

Paul London is a former WWE Superstar and he had a lot to say about what John Oliver covered on Last Week Tonight. He thanked them for bringing this to the public discourse while firing huge shots at WWE’s idea of helping Superstars get into rehab as well as the wellness policy they currently use.

IF @WWE actually gave a damn for those who broke themselves for their bottomless wealth, they’d have set up a ‘free’ PHYSICAL rehab program for their alumni don’t ya think? Nope. Their ‘free’ DRUG rehab ‘offer’ for alumni is a total sham & PR scheme. Why do most become addicts???

Compare the number of premature deaths to those who died of natural causes. Drug addiction is a lethal mask for PHYSICAL & psychological pain. Their wellness policy is also a sham & a selective “witch hunt” to weed out those who don’t “play the game.” Don’t buy into #Propaganda

This is not a good look for WWE right now. It probably won’t change anything though because there are plenty of Superstars in NXT who are working hard to earn an opportunity for a main roster call-up.

It is also no wonder why WWE is losing so much ground when it comes to public perception. Fans are seeing through their charitable outreaches at this point because if they really cared then they wouldn’t feel the need to publicize it every time the company does something good. At least that’s what Paul London would probably say.

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