Watch Becky Lynch Invade Elias’ Concert At WWE Live Event

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Elias is known to get on the microphone and play a little concert for the live crowd to get them going. He used to get pops, but now he’s going for heat. This opened up a perfect opportunity for Becky Lynch to come down as a babyface and sing him a little song.

During WWE’s live event in Pikeville, Kentucky, The Man came out and serenaded Elias with her own tune with lyrics like: “We’re in Pikeville Kentucky and Elias is sucky.” Then she called him a “poor man’s Honky Tonk Man.”

Elias is a classic example of someone who could be a babyface if WWE would book him that way. Because as his skills improve on the guitar he is actually getting over. This is where his below the belt comments come into play.

As you can see, the live crowd in Kentucky ate it up. Elias might not have as big of a WrestleMania match as The Man, but he is at least getting some chops in before his big Mania concert. We will just have to wait and see who interrupts him at the show of shows.

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