Ric Flair Appears In Hilarious New Commercials

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Ric Flair is always looking to spread his brand and if you’re willing to pay the money to make things happen then he’s going to listen. This is why The Nature Boy is now the proud spokesman for Cumberland Farms.

Nobody can sell a product like The Nature Boy and this commercial only proves that. While wearing one of his signature feathered robes he lets out a half-dozen “Woos” before saying Cumberland Farms is “Breakfast with Flair.”

Of course, each “Woo” had its own subtitle which is genius editing move because they can change those captions to read whatever they want in post production.

In a second commercial, Flair is seen “Wooing” in different parts of the Cumberland Farms store while his famous entrance music plays on in the background. Since his theme song isn’t owned by WWE that makes it even easier to pull off.

That’s quite a catchy tagline as it Incorporated the two time WWE Hall Of Famer’s own name in their slogan. We can only hope that there will be plenty more of these commercials to come.

You can check it out below and let us know if this makes you hungry.


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