Lars Sullivan Still A Possibility For WrestleMania Match

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Lars Sullivan hasn’t been seen since the videos hyping his WWE main roster debut were yanked. He suffered what is believed to be an anxiety attack before he was set to make his official debut and WWE pulled the plug on his WrestleMania program with John Cena.

This is a very interesting situation and Dave Meltzer spoke about Sullivan in-depth during Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted that if Mauro Ranallo hadn’t experienced his issues then Sullivan would have probably been fired. However, WWE has a much different way of thinking now as they’ve supported him through this situation. Now it looks like WWE could be gearing up for his impending return to the spotlight.

“Yesterday at the call they asked Triple H about Lars and he didn’t really give an answer other than… he kinda hinted that he would be back. I would just say that he will probably be back. I think it was inevitable that he’s gonna be back… I don’t know, I shouldn’t say inevitable… I always expected that he’d be back, but I’m more expectant now based on what he said and other things.”

“The original plan was him and Cena [at WrestleMania], but yeah nobody will talk about it. Maybe that’s it… maybe that’s the reason. Maybe Lars comes in and thrashes him and he puts Lars over after all this. If they would have gotten rid of Lars, Lars would have gone to New Japan and became a freakin’ superstar there.”

“So it’s probably for the best for them. I think maybe if it’s before the Mauro [Ranallo] situation that they would have fired Lars. I think a lot of people thought they would. They had no intention of doing so. They wanted him back whenever he was ready. I don’t know his readiness level, he may not be back for WrestleMania, but yeah. That’s the basic deal there.”

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but Triple H hinted strongly that he will be around pretty soon.”

Lars Sullivan could make a real difference if WWE uses him correctly. One thing Vince McMahon loves to do is book monsters and Sullivan certainly fits that bill.

John Cena needs an opponent and has reportedly agreed to whatever WWE has in store for him at WrestleMania. Since John Cena is working a match at the show of shows some people are wondering if Sullivan could fill his planned spot despite his hiatus.

WrestleMania could be an option if he is ready. However, Lars Sullivan experienced that anxiety attack before his debut on RAW and WrestleMania might be a little bit more intense than the environment on RAW.

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