Harper was out of action after having wrist surgery. He is back and ready to get to action, but WWE hasn’t booked anything for him.

He will be appearing during WrestleMania Axxess which is a place he was years ago. The former Wyatt Family member released a lengthy statement explaining that at 39-yeas-old he is making this Mania Axxess match count as much as possible.

“I read all the texts I got that said, “you’re back on Axxess???” I was kind to all the people at the gym asking if I’m retired. I swallowed my pride when agents and writers asked me if I was still hurt when completely healthy. And now here we are. April 4th, 2019 “When Worlds Collide” at Axxess. Luke Harper vs. Donovan Dijak. How will I respond? How will I change things? Well to all of you this may just be a throwaway Axxess match, but I can assure you to me it is much, much more. This is a test. No one has to be happy with the results except me. That’s the true test. Do I still have it? Can I compete with a young, up and coming, incredibly talented, NXT prospect? Am I too old? Has the game passed me by? Am I as good as I really think I am? It brings me to tears to write this because I truly believe I have so f*cking much to offer this industry. I believe I will be a World Heavyweight Champion someday. I believe that, but these are the doubts I live with daily. These are the doubts that creep in your head during rehab. These are the thoughts you think when you watch your left side atrophy. Being ignored and left home for months exasperated these thoughts and it sucked.”

He still believes that a WWE World Championship is in his future. It is important that he doesn’t let this kind of thing set him back because it is a test. Vince McMahon is famous for testing Superstars and making them work for it. Hopefully, Harper will be able to make his WrestleMania Axxess match against Dijak count.

Harry Kettle

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