Johnny Gargano is in line for a huge NXT TakeOver: New York match. He is known for his incredible ability in the ring and his impressive physique. However, it wasn’t always like that.

WWE recently uploaded a bunch of pictures of their Superstars as fans when they were younger. Johnny Wrestling was featured in this slideshow and some fans could not believe that the chubby kid in the photos was actually him. Then he took to social media to not only set the record straight, but also inspire others.

These photos from @WWE’s “Before they were Superstars” article brought up a few questions..

Yes. That’s really me. I was a chubby kid and I was consistently told I’d never be a wrestler.


Did I let that stop me? No.

Don’t listen to the noise. Be yourself and go live your dream.

This just goes to show that if you have the dream to make things happen anything can be a possibility.

Gargano would still be on the main roster if Tommaso Ciampa wasn’t injured, but now it looks like he might be spending more time in NXT. Either way, it is still very cool to see Johnny Gargano embrace his past in this way.

Harry Kettle

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