Kofi Kingston has been a part of several iconic moments in WWE and that is just his Royal Rumble appearances. Now he has his eyes set on WrestleMania which is not a position he was in just a few short months ago.

The fans rallied behind Kingston as KofiMania took over. However, he has Vince McMahon in his way to stop him in a classic babyface vs Mr. McMahon storyline.

While speaking to Planeta Wrestling, Kofi Kingston was asked about this portion of his career and if it is the best time for him. He has experienced many wonderful moments, but he can see how working against Vince McMahon is certainly a sign that he has achieved something special.

“I guess we’ll find out. It certainly is very exciting to be in this position. Like I said last week being able to go toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon on the mic to me that’s a sign that you’ve made it. That you’re on the right path because not many people get to do that. So for me, Woods, and E to be in that ring with Vince, it’s awesome you know. I’m not really one to look back at those things we’ve done and I guess enjoy it to the fullest because I still feel like we have a lot more to do and we have a lot more great moments ahead.”


“So yeah, it definitely is a very exciting time. The WWE Universe is so behind me and it’s an awesome feeling to be able to go on social media and see all kinds of positive feedback in terms of what people want to see and how we’re able to kind of like deliver it to them. So yeah, it’s still going on right now so it’s hard to say but it definitely is an exciting time.”

We will just have to wait and see how Kofi Kingston will find himself in the WrestleMania WWE Title match now. After McMahon screwed him last week it’s easy to see how he could be written off — but that’s not happening.

Hopefully, the show of shows will be a night where Kofi Kingston will finally get his WrestleMania moment. It has been a pretty great ride so far and Kofi can see that after 11 years with the company and seeing plenty of other people get angles with McMahon in the process.

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