Kofi Kingston Screwed Out Of WWE Title Match At WrestleMania

Kofi Kingston had a real uphill battle ahead of him. Then Vince McMahon made things even worse when he set Kofi Kingston in a gauntlet match — if he won he would get a WWE Title match at WrestleMania.

All Kingston had to do was overcome Sheamus, Cesaro, Rowan, Samoa Joe, and Randy Orton in that order. Kofi made it though all of them, but Randy Orton gave him the most trouble in the final spot in the match.

Kingston ended up overcoming RKO by countering an RKO and winning the match.

Kofi Kingston punched his ticket to WrestleMania where he will finally compete for the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan.

As the New Day celebrated with Kofi in the ring, Vince McMahon came out and congratulated Kofi. He said Kofi is going to WrestleMania… but there is a catch… he has to defeat yet another opponent… Daniel Bryan.

After a short encounter, Daniel Bryan nailed Kofi with a running knee and won the match. So Kofi Kingston is not going to WrestleMania… yet.

Written by Felix Upton

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