WrestleMania is going to be a huge event and could be the longest in the company’s history. Apparently, there are some people backstage in WWE who realize that fans need to be able to function on the morning following the show of shows. That won’t stop them from booking a lot of matches.

Wrestle Votes reports that a source in WWE has said that there is a push backstage to limit the number of WrestleMania matches this year. That might be a moot point considering how many matches are already slated for the card.

Heard from a source that there’s a push backstage to “control the match count” for WrestleMania.

However, source says as of now it could be as high as 17 total matches. SEVENTEEN.

Seventeen matches will certainly make a WrestleMania ticket worth the money. However, it also might result in a dead crowd by the time the main event rolls around.

Unless WWE can figure out some ways to refresh their crowd in MetLife Stadium, there is a very good chance that some fans won’t make it through the main event without feeling extremely tired if they don’t pass out first.

Felix Upton

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