WWE is a scripted program. If you need further proof of that, just check out Ronda Rousey’s “shoot” promo about how WWE is scripted. We also know it is scripted because scripts used to leak out on regular basis. However, those leaks stopped.

While the scripts were getting leaked out WWE did not appreciate it at all. Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide recently appeared on Wrasslerap where he explained that WWE thought it was the writers’ fault at first. Then they were able to isolate the leak and figure out that it was coming from the production truck instead.

He also took a chance to discuss how WWE feels about news breaking in general. Because apparently, it’s rarely relevant conversation in the writers’ room.

“I understood that dirt sheets got to make money. They have to put out some sort of content every week. It don’t matter if it’s right, wrong, left, right, blue, white. Doesn’t matter, they have to put something out there.”


“Sometimes you’ll hit a few shots. Sometimes they get a wide-open corner three and have to knock it down. But, a lot of times there was some bricks. A lot of time they were just making stuff up. There might have been something they heard through the grapevine that might have changed. They might have heard something that was like an idea we were thinking of and they take it as ‘Oh this is what they are definitely doing.’ Sometimes it’s just educated guesses. I used to feel a certain way about it but bro, everybody got to eat.”

“I think the one concern was the scripts leaking. We caught a lot of heat for that at first because people thought it was coming from us. Then we found out exactly where they came from because they were getting TV trucks. So that got us in the clear. So, I don’t know if they ever figured it out but the scripts didn’t leak anymore.”

WWE employees who would like to leak out specific information might be running a huge risk. This is why more false stories are being handed out to the IWC from people within the company. In a world where everything seems to be kayfabe it is getting harder to tell what is actually real. However, at least WWE was able to figure out who was leaking scripts so it will never happen again as long as WWE can help it.

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Felix Upton

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