Former WWE Writer On Higher-Ups Backstage Bullying: ‘If You Act Like A P*ssy, They Will Treat You Like A P*ssy.’

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WWE is sports entertainment and it comes from a long history of people doing their business behind closed doors. Vince McMahon’s company might be publicly traded, but there are still rumors that the backstage atmosphere can have a culture of ribbing or bullying.

Although he didn’t outright admit to backstage bullying, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide recently appeared on Wrasslerap and said: “I hate to say it but if you act like a p*ssy, they will treat you like a p*ssy.”

Famuyide also went into some detail about how much contact the writers actually have with Vince McMahon at this point. After all, the Chairman is a very busy man.

“Once the meeting starts, everyone stands up, Vince looks everyone in the eye and shakes hands. All the higher-ups are really f*cking nice, but they are straight shooters. I hate to say it but if you act like a p*ssy, they will treat you like a p*ssy.”

“Working with Vince is awesome. You hear all these horror stories about him, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Vince. A good job with Vince is he not calling you to Gorilla to tell you you fucked up.”

Working with Vince McMahon might be awesome, but it is apparently different if you’re perceived as weaker. It must be an intimidating atmosphere to be in, but to make it in WWE you have to hold your own or you might just get walked over.

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