SmackDown Live Superstar Lana had a busy day yesterday. Putting aside her saltiness, Lana took to the streets of downtown LA to take part in a photoshoot in the middle of traffic. Not everyone was happy about this, though.

During the day, Lana revealed through her Instagram stories that she had two photoshoot exclusives throughout the day. One of those is still a bit murky, but the one on the streets couldn’t be clearer.

As taped by RunThisRing on Reddit, Brooklyn Nine Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz was in traffic as Lana was doing her photoshoot. Beatriz plays Rosa Diaz on the popular show, and is a well-known face in the area.

The video below, taken from Beatriz’s Instagram story, shows Lana finishing up a take as she looks through the car towards the actress and continues to the side of the road:


To follow this up, Lana would take to her own Instagram story to confirm through a quick video that she was doing the shoot in traffic. This cleared up any doubts people had over whether the figure in Beatriz’ post was indeed Lana or not.

Lana has not commented on the actress so far. It is likely that, if she does, it will be through her social media and on her YouTube channel.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? What would your reaction have been? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

Steve Carrier

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