It wasn’t uncommon to hear about pro wrestlers getting into all sorts of late-night shenanigans back in the day. This is why a DUI doesn’t seem like that big of a deal compared to some of the trouble that the WWE Superstar lifestyle used to land people in.

Finn Balor was recently a guest on the Kris Fade Show where he discussed the dramatic change in the pro wrestling business. The lifestyle has gone from “Rock n Roll” to a much more professional environment and Balor seems to be appreciative of the fact that he works for the industry during a time where Superstars are more protected.

“Yeah, I think definitely all these stories of times gone by where it was definitely a lot more Rock N’ Roll. I think the industry has changed, definitely, the scheduled has changed, where it’s a lot more organized from a corporate level. We’re protected a lot more as athletes right now. I think its definitely changed for the better and the Superstars are definitely reaping the rewards of a better lifestyle.”

WWE Superstars used to wrestle injured on a regular basis, but now things are much different. A Superstar’s career can actually be ended prematurely due to an injury that wouldn’t have stopped them years ago. Finn Balor is very grateful to be with a company that takes such good care of him and his fellow Superstars have also apparently learned that a safer lifestyle in general results in more success in the business.

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