Luke Harper has been out of action for months because of a wrist surgery that he needed. Since his tag team partner at the time, Rowan went out of action due to an injury Harper figured it was a good time to get a procedure done that he was putting off.

Harper surprised a lot of fans by returning to the ring in his first match for months. This is exciting for fans who wondered how WWE might use the former Wyatt Family/ Bludgeon Brother member, but they might not have a spot for him in creative just yet.

The Rochester crowd was very happy to see Luke Harper and he was extremely over as a babyface. He worked a match against Mojo Rawley and won. However, the biggest reason why Harper returned as a babyface is that he is from the Rochester area.

The local crowd knew Harper from his days as Brodie Lee and they would have cheered him anyway. This was great night for Harper, but his babyface days aren’t 100% confirmed seeing how this seemed to be a one-off appearance for now until WWE can figure out what they want to do with him.


Harry Kettle

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