Zack Ryder is back with Curt Hawkins as a tag team after 11 years apart. This is an accomplishment that very few teams have been able to achieve in WWE and they are only 33-years-old. The two got a very early start together as Edgeheads. This, as Ryder said to The Sun caused them to hate each other.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins eventually bonded over their love of pro wrestling action figures, but Ryder also said that he didn’t think anyone got into the business to be a part of a team — at least that was his way of thinking.

“It’s cool to be back with Hawkins. I started my career with this guy – we met at a wrestling school in New York.”

“At first we hated each other – there was competition. We looked the same, we were the same age, had the same body type. But someone had the idea: ‘You look alike, so why not be a tag team?’”


“To be honest I don’t think anyone gets into the business to be tag team wrestlers. I certainly didn’t – I wanted to be WWE Champion.”

“But we both loved wrestling and we loved wrestling action figures, so we bonded over that.”

“Now to come together again 10 years after tagging… he has this losing streak he needs to end and I need to some momentum too. I think it’s a perfect storm – it’s the right time.”

The Major Wrestling Figure podcast is growing in popularity so even if the two weren’t a team in WWE they would still be a great tandem on audio. Maven recently stopped by as a huge surprise at their live show and Ryder was shocked to see him.

As the two continue, you never know what will happen for Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. It might only be a matter of time before Hawkins snaps that ungodly streak of losses.

Harry Kettle

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