Why WWE Nixed Match On RAW This Week

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WWE has five hours of main roster programming every week and this week they used every minute they could. This unfortunately meant that one planned segment had to hit the cutting room floor.

WWE ran a segment on RAW last week where Dana Brooke was trying to have a conversation with Natalya. As Dana spilled out some dialogue Nattie didn’t pay attention at all. Then it was revealed that Natalya had earbuds in the whole time. However, Brooke was already upset.

Before Dana stormed away a match was certainly set up between the two. However, it did not go down this week on RAW. Ringside News has been told that this match was planned for RAW, but it was cut.

They had other things to get to on the go-home Elimination Chamber RAW. Dana Brooke and Natalya could have a match down the line, but it didn’t fit on the show this week.

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