Shane McMahon Set To Guest Star In NCIS LA

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Shane McMahon is famous for his roles on WWE television, but it seems like he will be getting some more screen time on another show very soon.

During McMiz TV on SmackDown Live this week, The Miz revealed that Shane McMahon is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of NCIS LA.

McMahon told The Miz that he was supposed to keep that between them. Then The Miz said that everyone in the building is family. This got a big pop from the Toledo crowd.

If you thought this was just a bit for McMiz TV, then you are wrong. Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that he received a phone call from someone who was on the set of NCIS LA recently and Shane McMahon was ther.

So McMahon will be actually appearing on NCIS LA. This should make a lot of fans happy if they are big Shane-O Mac fans and they also enjoy the thrills associated with watching an episode of NCIS LA.

LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, who star in NCIS LA, are also fans of WWE. The famous rapper and the former Robin have appeared on WWE television in the past as well. Now it is Shane McMahon’s turn to join them in their workplace.

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