Big Change Made To Total Divas Cast

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Total Divas has been through a lot of cast members through the series’ run on the E! Network. Some Superstars have left the show only to return later, but it doesn’t make it any easier to Lana.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Lana revealed that she is no longer on Total Divas and it was heartbreaking to hear. Lana said during Royal Rumble Axxess, she met so many fans who thanked her for being an inspiration on the Total Divas show. However, Lana knew in the back of her mind that her time on the show is over.

Through tears, Lana spoke about how much she will miss it. She was told by fans that she is an inspiration for those who are told they can’t do something, but they fight for their dreams anyway. Lana said she started breaking down and crying during her signing because of this.

Lana and Rusev were told by Kevin Dunn that they might get a spin-off, however the E! Network performed focus group testing where it was determined that the couple is not liked.

Lana will miss being a part of the show, but she will miss the platform she was given more. This is a curious decision seeing how much of the plot and drama on the show revolved around Lana’s relationship with the rest of the cast and her marriage with Rusev.

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