Mustafa Ali’s Daughter Joins R-Truth & Carmella In The Ring For A Dance Break

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WWE Superstars are like a family backstage. Sometimes they see their fellow Superstars more than their own families. This is why it really helps when their actual family members can join in on the fun.

Mustafa Ali had his daughter backstage when the blue brand rolled through DeKalb, Illinois. Ali lives in Chicago which is just over an hour drive away so this was an easy trip.

Not only did Mustafa Ali’s daughter get to hang out with her dad backstage, but she got to participate in the action as well. Because when Carmella and R-Truth broke out one of their popular dance break routines, Ali’s daughter was invited into the ring to dance along.

You can check out a video that Ali posted below. He said that she is his world and it certainly shows.

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