Tyler Breeze Wonders “What The Hell Happened” To His WWE Career

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Tyler Breeze is still popular with fans, but as time goes on some people might be forgetting about everything he is capable of. Breeze actually hold the honor of being the only WWE Superstar to face Jushin Thunder Liger in a WWE ring.

Prince Pretty recently felt the need to remind fans that he had this great match with a Japanese legend. How WWE pulled off the deal to bring in Liger is still pretty remarkable. Then Tyler Breeze wondered, “What the hell happened?” This is something a lot of fans are wondering as they look to Vince McMahon for an answer.

“Another fun fact…. one time I wrestled Liger in his only WWE match…. what the hell happened?!?!”

One fan clapped back at Breeze and said that he bought a Lamborghini and showed it off on Instagram. Then Breeze had a pretty great reply.

“Oh I’m still rich don’t get me wrong… but there’s still [gas emoji] in the tank u know?”

Tyler Breeze is currently waiting for his tag team partner Fandango to make his return. Hopefully, that happens soon. Because Tyler Breeze had a lot of momentum that seemed to stall in a big way as soon as he left NXT.


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