Seth Rollins Reveals Why He Dyed Half Of His Hair Blonde

Seth Rollins is now a main event name with one hair color, but there was a time when that was very different. When he first busted into the WWE Universe, The Architect had a blonde streak in his hair. That went away after his devastating knee injury, but he remembers his blonde streak well.

When Seth Rollins was handed a picture of himself with the blonde streak, he was amused. It also brought back some very vivid memories.

“It’s funny the question I get more than anything is ‘When are you gonna bring the blonde streak back?’ Because at the time there were so many guys in FCW who had long dark hair and beards. So I wanted to do something to stand out, what’s it gonna hurt to color half my hair and see what happens? And it worked.”

It doesn’t sound like Rollins wants to bring back the blonde streak. It was fun while it lasted, but his character has evolved past that. However, you can never say never in WWE.

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