Pentagon Jr and his brother Fenix are one of the hottest tag teams in the world today. They are also being held hostage by their Lucha Underground contracts.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed their situation on Wrestling Observer Radio. Pentagon and Fenix are forced to work on a per match deal with AEW because of their LU contracts. This means the price they are making is ridiculously low considering how popular the two are. This popularity certainly helps compensate for their lack of cash flow due to their contract status in the form of merchandise sales.

“They are on a per match deal with AEW because they can not sign them because they are under contract to Lucha Underground.”

“That is the deal. You know they can’t sign a contract and if they could would AEW want them? Of course they would without a doubt. Would WWE want them? Of course they would. When their contract is up I’m sure both sides will want them. I’m sure New Japan will want them too, maybe Ring Of Honor will want them too. You know Ring Of Honor has grabbed a lot of guys that everyone’s wanted.”

“So they’ll have plenty of offers and they’ll make a lot of money, but it is not happening until they get out of that Lucha Underground contract. Which is like for $750 a match and they’re stuck in that contract when they could be making, you know hundreds of thousands of dollars a year each. You know I’m sure they already are making — they’re doing really well with their merchandise. They could be making much more than they are.”

“Who knows if there’s even going to be another Lucha Underground season, but they’re still going to be working for Impact so it’s not like they won’t be working for other companies. They’ll be the ones working for everybody.”

Lucha Underground’s next season seems to be in a state of limbo. There is no agreement on how much the network is willing to spend and this has caused trouble. Therefore, Pentagon Jr and Fenix could be held up for no reason.

A time will come for Pentagon Jr and Fenix to make a decision after they are free from the confines of their LU agreement. They are set to make a lot of money eventually. Only time will tell which direction these two incredible performers take.

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