Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler informs that he had a lot of fun at Monday Night RAW last week. When he showed up that day he ran into Vince McMahon who gave him a big hug. That was the first time he’d seen McMahon in quite some time so they were able to catch up a little bit.

McMahon was so excited to tell Lawler his idea for Lawler’s surprise appearance on RAW that night. McMahon wanted to film Lawler leaving his office after teasing that someone would be replacing Braun Strowman in the Universal Title match at Royal Rumble. Given that RAW was being taped in Memphis McMahon knew this would get a great reaction and it did.

Lawler talks about the great catering WWE had at RAW and he notes that WWE spends $20,000/day for catering every Monday and Tuesday for television tapings. He notes that the backstage area was set up quite different at the Royal Rumble compared to most stadiums, with talent having to take an elevator up two floors to get to catering, and then having to go to the press box to eat because there was a lack of room.

Lawler talks about a cool moment during the Kickoff Show. He was working on the Kickoff show panel and they’d just gone live on air. After the first couple segments they went to break and Lawler noticed his phone was ringing and when he looked at it it said, “Vince McMahon”. He was shocked and answered it and it was indeed McMahon, who told him to move his crown from one side of the table to the other.

Lawler thought it was very cool that McMahon was even watching the show given how busy he was, and that he cares enough about the small details to call someone on the spot to change something.

Lawler admits that given the length of the show it seemed like some fans tired out at some points. However, he thought it was a good show and notes that fans got their money’s worth for sure.

Lawler admits that he was a bit concerned about working in a 4-man booth for the Men’s Royal Rumble match, but he thought it worked out great. He thought everyone did a good job of getting their thoughts in without stepping over each other.

He notes that he was trying to get the other commentators to laugh with his one-liners and he was able to get Michael Cole and Corey Graves to crack up a couple of times. Cole even had to hit his cough button once because he was laughing so hard.

Moore asks Lawler if it bothers him that Graves uses similar techniques and lines at the commentary desk but Lawler says it doesn’t bother him at all. Graves has even said before that he does that in homage to Lawler.

Lawler says it was great to see Jeff Jarrett return to the ring with his old Double J character. WWE actually called Lawler leading up to the Rumble and asked him for Honky Tonk Man’s number but Lawler didn’t have it. Lawler thinks WWE wanted to have Honky Tonk Man enter at number 3 to have the three generations of musicians in the ring together. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and that’s too bad because it would have been a cool moment.

Lawler notes that after one of his one-liners McMahon spoke in his ear saying, “King, you’re on fire tonight”. That was the only time McMahon spoke in his ear all night and that made him feel good because hearing something like that from McMahon is like getting a seal of approval.

Lawler informs that there was some legitimate heat between Nix Jax and R-Truth after Jax attacked him from behind to take his spot in the Men’s Rumble. Truth was hot because Jax blasted him and sent him face first into the barricade. Lawler didn’t think Jax ever really had a chance to win, but this is probably just the start for her.

Lawler informs that Lynch came up to him backstage at the Rumble, and said that she’s been binge-watching videos of him. McMahon asked her to be more physical and she wanted to learn from Lawler because she considers his punch to be the best in the business. She asked him how he delivers such a great working punch.

Lawler told her it’s tough to explain, but he thinks his artistic ability plays into it. He noted that it’s also important to have an opponent who can sell the punches. Sure enough, Lynch debuted her new punch on Smackdown this week and King thought it was a perfect punch that was also sold perfectly by Charlotte.

That sums up today’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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