Does The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Absence Mean Retirement From WWE?

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The Undertaker wowed nobody in his last performance at WWE Crown Jewel. It was honestly sad to see The Undertaker perform in such a way considering his legendary status. The fact Triple H tore his pec three minutes into the match didn’t help anything either.

Jon Fisher said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that his sources have finally gotten back to them about Taker. He was told that The Dead Man isn’t retiring after not being booked for WrestleMania. He’s just taking a year off and that’s fine.

“I’ve been asked a few times about Taker. I’ve reached out to some folks too. He’s not retiring, but he might not be wrestling. This just might be the year of nothing for Taker which is okay. Maybe it’s fine not to have him wrestle every f*cking year.”

“It’s okay to take a year off. Especially when you look twenty years older than you really are. Sorry dude, I love you. You’re one of my favorites, but man take a year off bro, it’s okay. It’s fine. WrestleMania will be fine without you. It’s okay.”

You might not like what Fisher has to say, so you can tweet at him and let him know. That should be fun, but it won’t change the fact that The Undertaker has put his body through incredible amounts of pain for our entertainment for decades and at 53-years-old it’s totally understandable to take a break if he need one.

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