Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega is leaving Japan and headed to the United States. Over the past few weeks, fans have speculated as to where the talented wrestler could end up.

The most obvious choice in the eyes of the fans was that of AEW. AEW was, as we know, created by Omega’s friends from The Elite. With that said, there was also talk of him going to ROH, Impact Wrestling and, of course, WWE.

Following the most recent episode of The Young Bucks’ YouTube series ‘Being The Elite,’ it now seems as if we have our answer. Episode 136- titled “How Dare You Defy Me” features a segment where Matt Jackson is on the phone with Omega after the star had lost it and seemingly recovered it for that phone call. After saying he will see Omega soon, the phone would show a countdown clock.

The significance of the clock is extremely interesting- given that it ends in a just a little over nine days. In fact, it ends on the same day of the AEW ticket party for Double or Nothing in Las Vegas.

The impression, based off this, is that Omega will be there and confirm his place within AEW as expected by many fans.

If you haven’t seen the episode yourself yet, please watch it below:

Are you excited for Omega’s new venture outside of Japan? What do you think his first AEW feud will be, assuming he does end up in the company as teased in the video? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

Steve Carrier

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