Elias Destroys Jeff Jarrett During WWE RAW Return

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Elias started off his segment with a little strum of his guitar and he played a riff. He chastised the Phoenix crowd and seemingly turned heel, but they were eating it up.

The crowd chanted, “We’re not worthy” and then he played off of it well. The Royal Rumble crowd wasn’t having a heel turn because they wanted to cheer for Elias.

Jeff Jarrett emerged with a guitar in hand calling Elias “Slapnuts.” Road Dogg came out next and got the crowd to yell, “Suck it.” The crowd started chanting “Holy sh*t” and Road Dogg apologized to people in the back.

Suddenly, “With My Baby Tonight” started playing. Jeff and his Roadie walked to the ring singing away. Elias jumped Double J, but the WWE Hall Of Famer fired back with a slew of punches.

Jeff picked up his guitar to smash it over Elias, but The Drifter hit a cheap shot and destroyed the guitar over Jeff Jarrett instead.

This was a fine welcome back for Jeff Jarrett after he recently signed with the company.

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