NXT TakeOver: Phoenix was already an event worth remembering and then Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet happened. The One And Only put his NXT North American Title on the line and Johnny Wrestling was determined to take it from him.

This match was put together very well as each man was evenly matched and they knew each other so well. This was a dream match in WWE and it saw plenty of high spots.

It seemed that no matter what Gargano threw at Ricochet, he landed on his feet. There was no slowing down as they went from one move to another for the majority of the time.

Finally, Gargano slapped on a Gargano Escape out of a reversal off a springboard move from Ricochet. Then Ricochet got up and sent Johnny into the corner.

Ricochet hit a Springboard 450 for a near fall and then he climbed up for another one, but Johnny got the knees up that time and turned it into a near fall of his own.

They continued on and Gargano hit a slingshot DDT for another close two count as the Phoenix crowd went wild.

Gargano got frustrated and he took away the mat on the outside teasing a draping DDT on the exposed floor, but he changed his mind. Then Ricochet came back with a stiff clothesline and Phoenix Splash in Phoenix, but Johnny moved and Ricochet landed on his feet.

Ricochet slapped the Gargano Escape on Gargano after another sequence and the crowd went wild again. “Fight forever” chants broke out as they carried on.

Finally they moved outside and Gargano hit a suplex on the concrete floor. Then he hit a DDT and won the NXT North American Championship after an emotional and brutal match.

Felix Upton

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