Daniel Bryan Is Livid Over The Royal Rumble Burger

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Daniel Bryan’s new gimmick has a lot of people angry because he speaks his truth. He loves to shame crowds for their choices and killing the planet. This is why Bryan is The Planet’s Champion.

When Daniel Bryan saw the Royal Rumble burger that Chase Field is throwing together for Sunday’s show he wasn’t happy at all.

“Chase Field should be ashamed of themselves. Made from factory farmed pigs, an intelligent and extremely social mammal, and cheese from cows, who’s baby’s were ripped away from them. THEN add the heart disease delivered to the people who eat it. #SHAME #TheWorstGeneration”

Daniel Bryan’s favorite topic recently is shaming people for eating concession food. There are a lot of reasons why Daniel Bryan would want to come down on this burger, but Seth Rollins is totally game to take one on.

To be fair, Daniel Bryan’s response is understandably aggressive because Chase Field asked for it.

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