Why Dolph Ziggler Missed WWE RAW This Week

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Dolph Ziggler has been a WWE Superstar for a very long time, but after 15 years in WWE, he looks like he might be out the door.

Mike Johnson spoke about Ziggler’s current contract situation on PW Insider Elite audio where he refreshed us on the events and then revealed that Ziggler wasn’t even scheduled to be at RAW this week. However, the Royal Rumble could be a very different story.

“Dolph Ziggler worked the house shows over the weekend and as we’ve talked about there are rumors around certain circles in WWE saying that on January 31st he’ll be done.”

“Ziggler was not at RAW last night. I was told he was never scheduled to be there. He’s only scheduled for the house shows so he worked the house shows on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and he went home while the rest of the crew went to RAW. So Dolph was not there.”

“People say ‘Well is it possible that Dolph Ziggler will be at the Royal Rumble?’ Of course, it’s possible, he lives in Phoenix so we’ll see if he actually appears at the pay-per-view or not.”

Ziggler working the Royal Rumble match seems to be a given because he is always good in those matches. He very well could come in early and remain throughout because he’s a great hand in the ring. Ziggler could be so much more as well, however, Nic Nemeth’s comedy career is taking off and he might want to follow that dream full-time now.

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