Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been seen on WWE television in a couple of weeks. His last appearance included a rather bad beatdown at the hands of Drew McIntyre and he has not been mentioned since. Now there are rumors that he could be leaving the company soon.

PW Insider reports that there is talk of Dolph Ziggler being done with WWE after he turned down a deal to start as a backstage producer. There is also some fuel to this rumor because he recently changed his Twitter name from his WWE name to his actual name.

“There has been a lot of talk in the last week that Ziggler is done with WWE after turning down an offer to become a producer.”

Ziggler is doing a lot more comedy dates and seems to be focusing on that a lot on his social media accounts. Although some have said that Ziggler is not leaving WWE and is still under contract, others point to a January 31st date for the end of his contract.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ziggler is still under contract and working house shows. WWE’s entire intention of pushing Ziggler during this last run was to put over Drew McIntyre because he is WWE’s pick of who is going to be a top star. This could be why WWE replaced Roman Reigns with Drew McIntyre in their official graphic.

“He’s working all the house shows. He hasn’t gone anywhere. It was like usual, that’s how it goes. Basically, he was there to get Drew McIntyre over that really was his role. Now they’ve broken them off then they’ve kinda lost interest in him.”

“I expect he’ll be in the Rumble and he’ll probably work a lot of minutes because he’s a good wrestler. As far as getting a big push… I see him getting a mediocre push from here on in.”

It seems like Dolph Ziggler’s WWE contract status might have some question to it because there seem to be conflicting reports. The worst-case scenario for WWE is that Dolph leaves the company on January 31st if Mike Johnson is correct.

Only time will tell what is next for Dolph Ziggler because he really does seem to be focusing more on the next phase of his career as a stand-up comedian. WWE isn’t keen on letting Superstars go, but if he isn’t courting a deal from another professional wrestling company then WWE might not see Ziggler’s potential exit as that big of a threat to them.

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