The Revival Robbed Of RAW Tag Team Titles After Requesting WWE Release

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The Revival requested their release from WWE last week after their match with the Lucha House Party. This release was denied and it was guessed that they could be getting a big push out of this ordeal.

It looked like that report about The Revival’s impending push was right on the money. Because on RAW this week, Vince McMahon booked a very interesting RAW Tag Team Title match. Because Curt Hawkins was chosen as the special referee.

McMahon said Hawkins keeps losing so he needs a new line of work. Therefore, he’s a referee now… at least for that one match. It was a big match too as The Revival got another RAW Tag Team Title shot against Bobby Roode & Chad Gable.

The Revival and Bobby Roode & Chad Gable were working WWE house shows over the weekend. Their match in San Antonio actually stole the show. This house show program was set up because Akam of AOP is currently injured.

There was a spot where Gable tagged Roode, but Hawkins didn’t allow it because Bobby wasn’t holding onto the tag rope in the corner. This is a “lost art” according to Michael Cole. So Gable stayed in the match to take even more abuse.

The match continued and the RAW Tag Team Champions eventually took control as Bobby Roode fired up. Then Hawkins started noticing all of The Revival’s dirty tricks.

Roode sent Dawson out of the ring and then hit a spinebuster on Dash who rolled to the apron and hit a crossbody for a two count when Hawkins noticed that Dawson was trying to cheat by holding down Bobby Roode’s feet. Then Hawkins called Dash and Dawson out again for trying to win by cheating on two other occasions.

Suddenly, just as quickly as it started, The Revival lost with a quick roll-up pin.

After the match, The Revival started beating down on Curt Hawkins. Then Zack Ryder ran down to make the save. This likely sets up The Revival vs Hawkins & Ryder later on. The segment ended with RAW blasting Zack Ryder’s music because he ran in to save the day.

Still, The Revival are without championships.

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