Becky Lynch On The Art Of Trash Talking On Social Media

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Becky Lynch is The Man and she doesn’t take a hard time without giving one too. She is known for popping off on social media and in the ring as she lets people know exactly what she is thinking. Social media is a tool and Becky Lynch certainly knows how to use it.

While speaking to AZCentral, Lynch discussed how she uses her online influence to spread her message and get her stories across on social media.

“I think it’s been so instrumental in my rise and my voice. On TV, I’m on 15 to 20 minutes if I’m lucky. When I’m online I can say my message constantly with interest whenever I want, whenever I feel like. It drives interest and I’m able to get my story across. If people know what I want and what I’m fighting for they can like it or hate it as long as they’re entertained.” 

She might not have come right out and discussed “trash talking 101,” but we all know what The Man uses social media for. She is a maverick who won’t be pushed aside anymore. We will just have to see where this road takes her in the future as she has her eyes set to The Royal Rumble in Phoenix.

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